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Briefly about the drug generic Metformin (Bagomet, Gliformin, Glucophage, Metfogamma) Metformin hydrochloride - a drug designed for the treatment of diabetes and predisposition to it. The drug lowers cholesterol and blood glucose. A side effect of the drug is its ability to reduce weight. With adequate designation and the application it has a minimum of side effects. But in this case the drug Metformin least hazardous to health, in contrast to other known "fat loss". The problem is that self-appointing himself the drug, many completely forget about this small but strict condition metformin security.

Remember Metformin Glucophage slimming and weight loss are safe only if taken under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist endocrinologist. In all other cases, you still run the risk of also undermine health, following the USA-folk tradition: one cure - another cripple. Metformin preparations are able to accelerate the oxidation of fat, slow the synthesis of glucose significantly reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract - where to buy Metformin USA? Another important quality - improving glucose uptake by muscle tissue!

Immediately after a meal blood glucose level rises sharply, insulin is produced. Insulin causes your body to consume glucose, putting it in fat (especially in the waist area). Metformin no prescription prevents the process and significantly increases the glucose utilization intestine. Hence, such a side effect of the drug as loose stools. Insulin increases the feeling of hunger, this is also part of metformin helps fight.

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Watching patients taking metformin for weight loss, it may be noted that most of the complaints come on nausea in the first 2 - 3 days of taking the drug (20%) - order Metformin 500mg If nausea is strong, then in the first days of receiving the recommended daily dose of the drug the doctor should be reduced by half, gradually increasing to the destination.

At 18 - 20% of patients observed in varying degrees of loose stools. It is always the consequence of failure to comply with low-carb diets. Less than 0.1% of cases of lactic acidosis can occur quickly, erythema, skin rashes. In this case, the reception should be stopped before consulting a doctor.

Please note that metformin is able to reduce the level of thyroid stimulating hormone in patients with hypothyroidism. The men in the reception period of reduced testosterone levels.
On average for the period 1 Hour weight reduction reaches 1.5 - 1.8% of the total weight of the patient before treatment (subject to receiving the necessary recommendations). People with preparation combining reception intensive aerobic exercise (approximately 3 hours a week), this figure is increased to 3.5 - 5%. In 2 - 3% of the patients weight has remained at the same level (or slightly changed), which is probably due to the individual characteristics of the organism and the violation Admission recommendations.